Application of RF identification technology in automatic spraying production line.

July 14, 2023

As a commonly used communication technology at present, RFID technology is very common in occasions that require frequent reading and changing of data. RFID technology has been widely used in western countries, and a large number of automated production lines are equipped with RFID technology. In addition, RFID technology is also used in many fields such as door lock system and identification. This paper puts forward the existing problems and discusses the solutions for the application of RFID technology in the automatic production line of automobile bumper workpiece spraying.

All automobile companies have adopted vehicle RFID card setting equipment in the production process, realizing all circulation systems such as welding, painting and final assembly. Plastic bumpers for automotive exterior decoration must be produced on a painting line, but traditional painting lines use temporary stops to switch painting and color programs through manual identification.

Using RFID technology, set up an automatic reading and writing device on the automatic spraying production line at the position of the bumper workpiece, read the production information corresponding to each skid hanger, and send it to the spraying robot to execute the corresponding program.

From the perspective of replacing manual input information and manual identification, the three processing spray booths operating on the production line should add identifiers to identify the information of plastic parts that need to be processed. RFID cards are already available,Replace traditional manual identification and manual input. Each pendant is equipped with an RFID card for storing the processing information of the plastic bumper.

The RFID system will completely change the identification process, send it to the robot, and will not stop the production. Thus, the time saved can be fully added to production to increase production efficiency, save costly energy, and reduce the unit cost of the product.

To sum up, RFID technology already has unique advantages. Applying RFID technology in automatic spraying production lines can effectively improve production efficiency and save time. At the same time, due to the high precision of the work, the occurrence rate of its materials or damage is low, but the RFID technology still needs to be continuously developed, and it should be applied to the production line in combination with the actual situation. Bring higher economic benefits.

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