Application of RFID in tool equipment management

July 28, 2023

In the management of traditional enterprise tools and tools, there are often problems such as repeated use, recycling, scrapped delay, and slow update speed of tools and tools.

It has a great potential safety hazard and has a great impact on management efficiency and quality. Therefore, an intelligent automation management system for tool equipment based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is designed.

In railway production management, the traditional tool management mode is rough, There are management loopholes in the links of equipment loss, asset identification, return, maintenance and scrapping [1]. Therefore, it is imperative to propose a set of safe and efficient tool management solutions. Aiming at the above problems, the article designs an intelligent tool automation management system.

Before the tools are stored in the warehouse, a radio frequency identification (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID) label is first affixed, and the tools of this batch are scanned according to different categories, and then the archives are created in the system. When claiming repairs in the future, just look up the RFID tag information in the system.

In order to ensure that in the event of various accidents in each tool room, The core data of the department will not be greatly damaged, and corresponding infrared sensing devices, alarm devices, access control devices, monitoring devices, firewalls, and other safety devices are installed in the tool room.

According to the existing actual working conditions and hardware and software environment, by introducing, Advanced RFID technology and two-dimensional code identification technology, using the combination of software and hardware, design a system that can solve the problem of tool management in a targeted manner, and manage the whole process of warehousing, collection, use, maintenance, hidden dangers, scrapping and ledger , with functions such as digitalization of tools and appliances, automatic warehousing and registration, non-inductive collection and return, automatic use, and logout records, closed-loop management of hidden dangers, intelligent access control management, maintenance and scrapping, etc., to achieve the effect of unmanned warehouse management, and finally realize the unmanned storage of tools and appliances. Refined management.

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