RFID module is a device that utilizes radio waves to communicate with other devices wirelessly. It is composed of an antenna, reader, and transceiver, which work together to retrieve data from tags attached to objects or products. This technology has become widely used in various industries such as retail, logistics, and healthcare because it can streamline processes by providing real-time information about inventory levels and product movement. With faster response times than traditional barcode scanners or manual methods, the RFID module allows for increased efficiency in supply chain management and inventory control. Additionally, these modules are versatile enough to be adapted for use in security systems or for tracking animals' movements or people's whereabouts at large-scale events like concerts or conferences. The capabilities of this innovative system are truly limitless! RFID modules have different RFID reading performances depending on the chip scheme used.


JT-2850 is a low-power RFID module independently developed by the SPEEDWORK R&D team, and its working frequency band is 860-960MHz. It can achieve a reading distance of 0-1m when used in conjunction with a 40mm ceramic antenna. Our JT-6210 adopts this module.Suitable for embedding into the machine to expand the RFID function.


The JT-M2320 RFID module adopts the MagicRF M100 chip solution, and its group reading performance is better than that of JT-2850, and it can achieve a reading distance of 0-2m when working with 40 ceramic antennas. Our JT-7100 reader uses this module.


JT-2540 is a module using TM series high-performance chips. It can be expanded to multi-channel, with multiple external antennas, and the card reading performance is >700 times per second.

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