UHF RFID Fixed Reader


An RFID fixed reader is a specialized device designed to read and capture data from electronic tags or labels attached to objects within its range. Unlike handheld RFID readers, which require human intervention, fixed readers are permanently installed in specific locations such as warehouses, retail stores, hospitals, and distribution centers. These devices use radio waves to detect the presence of tagged items and scan their information quickly and accurately without requiring line-of-sight. They can read multiple RFID tags simultaneously and provide real-time visibility into inventory levels while improving asset tracking efficiency significantly. Moreover, stationary RFID reader technology has expanded beyond simple item tracking; it's now used for access control systems, smart city infrastructure applications like traffic management systems or waste collection bins monitoring — possibilities limited only by imagination! 

The fixed UHF RFID reader needs to work with multiple external antennas. It can be 2 channels, 4 channels, 8 channels, 16 channels and 32 channels. The number of different antenna channels means the total number of external antennas. For example, an 8-channel fixed reader can be connected with 1-8 RF antennas. Antennas with different gain sizes can be selected according to the range to be covered.Generally speaking, the greater the antenna gain, the wider the coverage and the farther the reading distance.

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