UHF RFID Gate Reader


An RFID gate reader is a device that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to capture and transmit data. This advanced device is specifically designed to read the unique codes embedded in RFID tags, which are attached to products, vehicles, or even animals. With the help of an antenna system, the gate reader can detect multiple RFIDs simultaneously from a distance and process their information instantly. One of the most significant applications of this technology is in automating inventory management systems for warehouses and retail stores. The UHF gate reader provides real-time access to stock levels and locations without requiring physical scanning or manual inputting. Additionally, it enhances security by monitoring movements at access points such as doorways or gates effectively. SPEEDWORK as the best gated RFID reader supplier, the sophisticated design of our RFID gate reader makes it highly reliable and efficient while reducing human error through automation. It has become an essential tool for organizations seeking improved efficiency, accuracy, and security in their operations across various industries like logistics transportation, healthcare control access among others.

For the gate type RFID reader, there are four 8dBi RFID antennas built in the shell, which are divided into main door and auxiliary door. There are two antennas and RFID main board inside the main door, and two antennas inside the auxiliary door. At the same time, two pairs of infrared rays are built in to judge the direction of the RFID tag in and out. JT-923 can also be configured with a touch screen with Android system, supports secondary development, and can display the status of RFID tags.

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