RFID Technology Ensures the Safety of Seafood Logistics Traceability

The key point of RFID technology is to be able to provide unique identification for the goods and store the relevant information, based on RFID technology, aquatic products logistics traceability system, the system of aquatic products logistics in the production, processing, warehousing, transportation and sales of goods tracking, and real-time collection of aquatic products traceability information in each link, stored in the RFID tags, through the logistics information technology method of real-time monitoring and ensure the quality and safety of aquatic products. Quality and safety of aquatic products.

RFID tags have some significant advantages, including the ability to adapt to different environments, waterproof performance, and readability

etc. Therefore, in the aquaculture and transportation process, using RFID tags as a traceability mark is a convenient and reliable way, which can adapt to the growth environment of aquatic products and effectively collect relevant information.

Each step of aquaculture, processing, logistics and transportation uses RFID tags to record key information, and consumers can simply scan the barcode on the product package if they want to make a traceability query.

The quality and safety of aquatic products are affected by the operation standard, process and working environment in the processing link. Processing enterprises from aquaculture enterprises have been acquired with RFID tagged aquaculture finished products, you need to read the RFID tags on the production of relevant quality information, based on the quality and size of aquatic products in accordance with the classification, and according to the different levels of the corresponding process of processing, and ultimately packaging of finished products.

In this link, the processing enterprise needs to record the processing information, including processor, processing technology and processing environment, etc., and upload this information to the central database and synchronize it to the traceability cloud service. In the process of packing finished aquatic products, the processing enterprise will generate RFID box tags according to the actual weight and date of packing and other information. Each box tag is used to uniquely identify each batch of products, and packers will stick these tags on the transportation boxes when packing boxes.

RFID technology is used in warehousing. In the process of warehousing, RFID tags attached to the inventory of goods, tags written on the items of relevant information (including product name, production batch and suppliers, etc.), the RFID reader set up at the entrance and exit of the warehouse through the scanning of goods on the RFID tags, you can read all the information on the goods, once the RFID data is verified and recorded, the database is updated in a timely manner, and the goods are automatically completed in and out of the warehouse operations; In the inventory process, the need to record aquatic products in and out of the warehouse time, warehouse number, environment and other information, the introduction of RFID technology, the use of handheld RFID readers, managers only need to patrol along the pre-specified path in the warehouse once, you can quickly complete the inventory task.

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