RFID in Healthcare Opportunities and Difficulties

UHF RFID tags have more applications in the medical field, such as the management of hospital linen, surgical instruments and other high-value product asset management, medical high-value,Consumables (blood bags, pacemakers) and other asset management, etc. In recent years, RFID tags are rapidly developing in the medical field.

The hospital system is very large, for RFID and other information technology input needs are relatively strong, excluding the number of large proportion of primary health care institutions (village health clinics,Outpatient clinics, etc.), only a large number of hospitals with a large number of institutions.

Market Summary:

1 The demand for fabrics in hospitals is estimated by the amount of 10 pieces of fabrics per bed, and the number of RFID tags needed is about 80 million, and the medical fabrics and restaurant fabrics are two completely different markets.

Medical fabrics and liquor shop fabrics are two completely different markets, due to the medical market investment and policy and hospital strategy, not a completely competitive market, and hospitals are very fragmented, and different hospitals have their own hospitals.

Very fragmented, different hospitals have different strategies, compared to hotel linen, the shipment is smaller, according to our estimate, the hospital linen annual use of RFID tags, the volume of signing a few million.

According to our estimation, the RFID tags used by hospitals annually are in the order of several million.

2 Other medical consumables consume the largest amount of blood bags, which is expected to be ten million levels.

3 From the latest feedback to the information, in addition to the higher value of the items, RFID tags in the medical field is rapidly expanding the application surface, the next few years, it is expected that each year,Medical consumption of RFID tags have hundreds of millions of volume.

4 Pharmaceutical items in foreign countries have begun to try to use RFID tags, used to do anti-counterfeiting traceability, because foreign new drugs are generally patented protection of the years, on the Anti-counterfeiting traceability has a high demand, the market is still in the early stages, after the future outbreak, the market volume is very worth looking forward to.

5 medical market for RFID tags for the current consumption can not be compared with the clothing retail, but the demand for read-write in this area is relatively large, especially for the

Cabinet form of read-write demand is particularly obvious, coupled with the system software, the overall calculation, the amount of the project is also relatively substantial.

6 medical field is an important feature of fragmentation, almost every hospital has its own independent system, have their own needs, more than 30,000 hospitals, means more than 30,000 projects, the current state of the market.

More than 30,000 hospitals, which means more than 30,000 projects, the current state of the market, on the one hand, explains the low reproducibility of the market, the difficulty of opening up, on the other hand, can also accommodate more companies can play in the

The market situation on the one hand shows that the market is low in replication and difficult to develop, and on the other hand it can accommodate more enterprises to play in it.

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