Application of RFID electronic tags in preventing express delivery loss

March 02, 2024

Application of RFID electronic tags in preventing express delivery loss

As the shopping method chosen by most people today, online shopping has the following advantages: items

A wide variety of products, affordable prices, and door-to-door delivery—this has given rise to a thriving express delivery industry.

business, but there is also a major problem: lost items. Waiting for you to unpack with joy

When it was wrapped, it was lying in a corner that no one knew about, and it might become a surprise for others.

I asked the courier company but I could only get a drop in the bucket in compensation, and the courier who sent the package could still get it.

Can be fired. Based on these facts, in order to solve this major problem in the distribution process

question, our team believes that bundling RFID tags with packages during the delivery process is

Very necessary.

1. Background analysis.

After our survey, 69.12% of people have experienced lost items. How to find them?

Only 53.16% of people, which shows that lost items are a very common phenomenon, solve this problem

The problem is imminent. According to our questionnaire survey, most people think that lost items

The reason lies with the courier. The job of a courier is usually to deliver goods to your door. During the period of door-to-door delivery,

If the express vehicle is left unattended, it may cause the express to be lost; when the express vehicle is driving,

In order to deliver a few more items, some staff moved the courier in an unsafe way.

placement, creating opportunities for the express to be lost; during the investigation, we also found that this

Similar phenomenon: Because the express company does not have a screening mechanism when selecting people, the number of people recruited is

People are all mixed, and some employees feel that they deserve more pay for their labor, so

When he saw valuables during delivery, he chose to steal them and ran away, which made many

Many consumers’ items have disappeared and are nowhere to be found. Starting January 1, 2021

Article 832 of the implemented Civil Code stipulates that the carrier shall not

liability for damage or loss of goods; the amount of compensation for damage or loss of goods shall be

If the parties have an agreement, the agreement shall prevail; if there is no agreement or the agreement is unclear, the delivery shall be followed.

Or the market price at the place where the goods arrive when they should be delivered is calculated. Therefore, as mentioned above

And, even if we consumers do not purchase insurance, we can prove that the lost items were sent.

Value, you can also enjoy compensation close to the original price.

2. Application of RFID electronic tags.

(1) The necessity of RFID electronic tags. In recent years, with the rapid development of logistics,

Many logistics and distribution companies have publicly expressed the impact of using RFID technology on the company's development.

Very promising. Because it has been proven through experiments that the advantages of RFID technology do satisfy a

Special logistics needs of some customers. In today's society, many countries around the world supply

Large logistics companies, such as DHL, UPS, TNT and other large logistics companies, are making better use of

RFID technology will be explored in depth, and this research is expected to be maximized in the future.

promotion and application. Due to the application of this technology, many logistics companies believe that this technology

technology can speed up logistics efficiency around the world - it is undeniable that it

play a unique role in improving work efficiency and enhancing competitiveness. At the same time, countries around the world

The active participation of local logistics distributors is conducive to establishing the application of RFID technology in the field of logistics.

leading position in the domain. (2) Feasibility of RFID electronic tag solution. Build with RFID

Comprehensive logistics management of the model-centered distribution center not only achieves benefits, but also improves efficiency.

It will also improve: The use of RFID technology can reduce the labor costs of enterprises. This

In addition, two major problems in retail trade (i.e. product outages and losses) will be solved;

Because RFID tags have the function of uniquely identifying products and providing real-time feedback—then

How can the application of this technology achieve the desired benefits while reducing labor effort?

time, in addition to improving inventory quality and increasing distribution center throughput, i.e. reducing

Operating costs are reduced, information is conveyed faster and more accurately, and visual management is implemented; this

The logistics management model is safer and more advanced than the traditional model;

The advancement lies in the use of radio waves to carry out non-contact, long-distance, dynamic multi-target,

Simultaneously transmitting identification information in large quantities can realize true "one object, one code" transmission of objects.

Streaming information mode and greatly shortens the time to track items and share data. Depend on

Because RFID technology can eliminate human interference factors, it is extremely efficient while

It also saves labor, making this technology attractive for logistics and supply chain management

There is no doubt; in the chip, all the security of RFID technology is built on non-

In contact radio frequency (RF) systems; currently, data protection and anti-tampering technology are not only

It can not only protect the data security on the radio frequency chip, but also better resist the

Block other intrusion attacks, and in order to solve current security problems, RF chips also use

Encryption technology is used. Today's best example of using RFID technology is: Wall

MA saves US$8.35 billion in labor costs each year while also recovering lost money from theft.

More than $2 billion in losses.

3. Conclusion:

To sum up, we believe that RFID electronic tags and express delivery will be used in the delivery process.

Bundling is very necessary. We even had surprises while searching for information

Local discovery——A few years ago, TNT Logistics worked together with Intermec to implement a car

Pilot program for parts RFID distribution: driving through the connection Inte rmec IF5 with parts

When the tag reader is connected to the RFID portal, the reader will send a message to the tag installed on the shelf.

915MHz passive Intermec RFID tags emit radio frequency signals that are then

Feed back the tag data to the reader and send it to the network. Whenever an error occurs during loading

If an error occurs, a prompt that cannot be ignored or a forced locking will be given - if the driver

Mobile Computing error when going through the correct portal but picking up the wrong parts

The machine will display an error signal if the driver ignores and ignores that error warning

Continue trying to remove the shelf and the mobile computer will lock up. New Inte rmec

The RFID system can also bring more benefits - the person in charge said, "This improves accuracy.

accuracy and efficiency. We learned from this experiment that the accuracy of small parts distribution will

Nearly 100%, so far we have had almost no errors. "because

The person in charge highly appreciated the Intermec RFID system, and TNT Logistics North America

The company decided to introduce RFID technology into the auto parts distribution business and invested heavily in TNT Logistics.

Parent company is in awe of the future and believes RFID will be the next step in supply chain management

A legend. The person in charge, Mclntyre, described it: “It is like the barcode from more than ten years ago.

TNT Logistics North America believes this system will revolutionize the logistics system. "us

Taking Tanggu District as an example, the Huanghai Road Express Service of Tianjin Binhai Mailing Division in Tanggu District

All express delivery in this city sent from some logistics points will be bundled with RFID electronic tags.

After the package is delivered, the staff will remove the label and set up a label recycling point in Tianjin: Tianjin

Tianjin Post Logistics Center regularly recycles previously bundled labels to ensure that we

This plan implements the "green and environmentally friendly" development concept. The choice of location is not accidental either.

Tianjin Post Logistics Center is close to the airport and next to the highway, and this logistics point can handle

It handles intra-city express delivery business all year round. You can see the logistics facilities and distribution at this point.

The suite of services is very advanced and perfectly suited to our needs. Regarding electronic tags, the

We experimentally selected the most suitable coated paper label, which has the advantage of being repeatable

Paste and printable. If a matching reader is used to identify it, it will be around 8 meters

It can be read from the distance on the right, that is to say, when it is bound to the express, if

If the distance from the courier exceeds 8 meters during transportation, the alarm will be triggered.

Its service life is in line with our expectations: it can be read and written 1,000,000 times.

Keeps for 10 years. The cost of a label is less than fifty cents. If this set is

The system is put into use——If a company uses it on a small scale, it will charge 1 yuan per piece.

There can be considerable income; if it is promoted on a large scale, it will bring great benefits to individuals and society.

The benefits are immeasurable. In terms of use, the reader is very smart and sensitive and can

It can be said that people who can use smartphones now basically have the ability to use this system.

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