Active RFID Scenic Area Sightseeing Bus Announcing System

Due to many scenic spots with complex geographical environment, affected by weather and environment, the traditional positioning technology can not realize the precise location of the attractions and accurate broadcast function. The article utilizes the advantages of active RFID technology combined with the environmental characteristics of the scenic area, the development of scenic area sightseeing car announcing system. The broadcasting system consists of active RFID tags, vehicle readers, handheld readers and broadcasting software. The system is installed in the attractions of RFID tags and attractions for one-to-one binding, vehicle readers receive the RFID tag information to notify the broadcast software broadcast corresponding to the attractions of the video and voice, to achieve the attractions of the accurate broadcast, to remind the station and other functions, enhance the tourist experience of sightseeing.

Active RFID is powered by external power supply and actively sends signals to the RFID reader, which is relatively large in size, has longer transmission distance and higher transmission speed, and mainly works in the higher frequency bands such as 900 MHz, 2.45 GHz, 5.8 GHz, etc., and has the function of recognizing multiple tags at the same time. 

Combined with the advantages of active RFID technology, each attraction placed an active RFID tag, active RFID tag number and each attraction for binding, installed in the sightseeing car RFID reader, RFID reader will read the active RFID tag number information sent to the broadcasting software, broadcasting software according to the active RFID tag number to play the corresponding attractions of the video information, to achieve the purpose of accurate broadcasting. The software will play the corresponding video information according to the active RFID tag number, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate broadcasting. This active RFID technology can not be affected by the weather and the natural environment, can be stable and accurate to realize the attractions of the broadcast.

Active RFID Scenic Area Sightseeing Bus broadcasting system is composed of broadcasting software, RFID reader and active RFID tags. 2.45 GHz active RFID is used, the distance can be up to more than 100m, and active tags can be adjusted to adjust the active tag's transmitting power to adjust the RFID reader to receive the tagged data distance, to avoid the closer of the two attractions or sites RFID identification area overlap. RFID identification area overlap between two attractions or sites in close proximity. Active RFID tags use high-capacity rechargeable batteries, and has a battery power detection function to achieve real-time detection of battery power, if the power is insufficient to send the power information to the RFID reader, prompting the administrator to replace the battery in a timely manner, the power is also insufficient to carry out the sound and light alarm prompts.

There are two kinds of active RFID readers: vehicle-mounted readers and handheld readers. Vehicle-mounted reader is installed in the sightseeing car, is one of the important equipment in the sightseeing car broadcasting system; handheld reader is mainly used to configure the tag parameters and synchronization time, used in maintenance management.

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