RFID-based Intelligent Archive Management for Old and Valuable Trees

This study was conducted to establish a new type of the archive management system of ancient and famous trees so as to solve the problems of errors and low efficiency in traditional archive management, while with more and more types and quantities of archive materials. RFID was used to realize the management of file storage, inspection, inventory and failure, for this technology could effectively reduce the manual operation, improve the operation efficiency and realize the automatic and intelligent management of files.

Besides, combined with various sensors, this technology could realize the dynamic real-time monitoring of the archives warehouse, and provide a good storage environment for the ancient and famous tree archives. The intelligent archives management system of ancient and famous trees in Ji’nan based on RFID technology was established by using RFID and Internet of Things technology, combined with information materials, such as the ancient and famous tree resource investigation, identification and protection, maintenance and rejuvenation, daily management, migration approval and so on.


Old and valuable trees are priceless treasures left to mankind by nature and predecessors, with important resource value, humanistic value, historical value, cultural relics value, ornamental value, ecological value and greening scientific research value Combining RFID technology and digital archives construction with scientific management of archives entities to realize a scientific, efficient and highly modernized management of archives construction of the new model has become possible. As an emerging identification technology, RFID technology is widely used in material

As an emerging identification technology, RFID technology is widely used in the fields of material tracking, production automation control, warehousing management, railroad vehicles and freight container identification, etc. [5]. With the increasing maturity of RFID technology, RFID application in archive management, has its reference and feasibility.


RFID-based ancient and valuable trees intelligent archive warehouse management system architecture is mainly divided into data collection, data transmission, data storage and business applications at four levels


Data collection layer is mainly the use of RFID technology, combined with desktop card issuer, file intelligent cabinet, printer, temperature and humidity sensors, water leakage sensors, after the external sensors and other equipment, real-time reading of old and valuable trees file tag information, realizing real-time supervision of the file; data transmission layer is the use of the system's internal network data transmission; data storage layer is the use of the project's servers and the government cloud storage of the mutual backup, to ensure that the archives Data storage layer is the server used in the project and the government cloud storage mutual backup, to ensure the security of the archive data; business application layer is through the cloud computing technology and software development technology, to realize the business application requirements of multi-user.


The RFID-based intelligent archive management system for old and valuable trees mainly consists of four modules: intelligent cabinet management, archive management, security management and dynamic environment monitoring.


Intelligent archive management can provide more convenient archive access experience. Through RFID tags, you can quickly find the required files and realize instant access through the intelligent storage system.


Making full use of RFID technology, it effectively reduces manual operation, improves operation efficiency, and realizes automation and intelligent management of archives; combining with various sensors, it realizes real-time monitoring of the dynamic environment of the archive storage room, and provides a good storage environment for the archives of old and valuable trees.

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