RFID-based monitoring system for electrical equipment operation status.

There are many types of electrical equipment and their installation locations are scattered,resulting in their operation monitoring work being limited by wiring and power supply. Therefore, this paper designs an RFID based electrical equipment operation status monitoring system.

RFID technology, including the use of a long-range UHF RFID reader-writer and RFID reader module, is introduced to accurately obtain monitoring data. The key module of electrical equipment operation condition monitoring system is the RFID module, which encompasses various components such as electronic tags, readers, and other hardware.

The RFID module of electrical equipment operation status monitoring system consists of advanced components, including RFID reader modules and long-range UHF RFID readers, to facilitate real-time monitoring of the operation status of electrical equipment. Passive tags, in conjunction with fixed readers, are employed to ensure continuous and precise monitoring of the equipment's operational parameters.

Furthermore, the RFID monitoring signal acquisition function does not impose specific requirements on the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) signal value collected by the RFID module. By superimposing this signal on the data collected by the reader, the final monitoring signal can be obtained, ensuring comprehensive and accurate monitoring of the electrical equipment's status.

With the aim of enabling intelligent maintenance of electrical equipment within the power system, an advanced electrical equipment operation status monitoring system has been developed based on RFID technology. By integrating features such as RFID reader modules, the system is designed to guarantee the accuracy of monitoring data while simultaneously reducing the labor intensity of the staff. This innovative approach not only enhances the efficiency of equipment monitoring but also contributes to the overall optimization of maintenance operations within the power system.

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