RFID technology in intelligent attendance management

November 23, 2023

Intelligent attendance sign-in is mainly used in various scenarios such as various important meetings, corporate annual meetings, campus sign-in, corporate attendance, and personnel information collection in key areas. It uses RFID automatic identification technology, infrared radiation, and background management software integration for efficient attendance. Sign in plan. The long-distance identification capability of RFID technology has changed the traditional management models such as contact card swiping and QR code scanning, allowing meeting participants to enter and exit freely by simply wearing an identification RFID card on their chest. RFID technology is applied to smart attendance, allowing access Efficiency becomes efficient.

It mainly uses open passage doors and infrared to identify the RFID electronic tags worn by people passing by, combined with infrared to determine the direction of people entering and exiting, as well as whether to bring cards, whether to bring more cards and other information to achieve attendance, regional positioning and other functions.

1. High convenience: contactless remote attendance, all personnel only need to hold the card to enter and exit directly.


2. High efficiency: It can identify no less than 500 cards at the same time, allowing all personnel to pass quickly without attendance congestion problems.


3. High reliability: High-precision radio frequency identification solution, no missed readings, accurate and reliable.

By installing signal transceivers at appropriate locations, the signal can cover all entrances and exits; at the same time, locators can be installed at each door to issue active RFID identification cards to attendance personnel. Attendance personnel can automatically take attendance without any operation and enter and exit normally. If a person is absent abnormally or leaves their post without authorization, the system will automatically identify and send notification text messages or alarm reminders according to system settings.

The solution to the traditional attendance system is to use attendance machines, fingerprints, gates, etc. There are some problems in the system: the fingerprint system has slow search speed when there are many employees in the enterprise, and there are problems such as unhygienic, rejection rate, and misrecognition rate. ; The attendance machine cannot control outsiders, and there is a problem of card swiping; the barrier system is relatively slow, and when there is a large flow of people, it cannot pass quickly, resulting in long queues.

The RFID system has a complete security management and pass permit mechanism, adopts multi-system linkage technology and humanized design concepts, has an scalable network structure, and can realize personnel release, rejection, recording and other operations through non-contact card swiping, effectively controlling personnel. Access to achieve safe management of entrances and exits.


The RFID attendance management system is based on long-range radio frequency identification technology (RFID) and integrates entrance security management, automatic identification control, alarm processing, and personnel passage records. It provides schools, governments, and enterprises with access control, attendance, and security management. Effective solution. The open access management system is a high-tech security product that combines computer technology, network communication technology, automatic control technology and long-range radio frequency identification technology (RFID). It integrates channel safety management, automatic control, alarm processing, personnel passage records, and more. System linkage for integrated data collection.

The open-channel conference check-in with RFID technology is a new intelligent check-in system, which changes the traditional check-in mode of swiping cards and manual scanning, and improves efficiency and service image. It uses the automatic recognition mode of barrier-free open channel RFID reading and writing equipment to realize non-sensory sign-in and automatic collection. It can record information about people who have not arrived, people who are late, people who leave midway, etc., and realize access control, attendance, and security for schools, governments, and enterprises. Management provides effective solutions.

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