Electric vehicles combine with RFID technology for intelligent control

November 18, 2023

As people choose more and more short-term travel tools, shared bicycles, electric bicycles, buses and other green travel options have become the first choice; the number of electric bicycles is increasing, and many areas have already registered electric bicycles. In response to electric vehicle charging accidents and thefts, parking has been regulated and parking sheds have been upgraded and smart charging piles installed. RFID technology realizes radio frequency identification, intelligently manages the entry and exit of electric vehicles, and improves service quality. Electric vehicles are combined with RFID technology for intelligent management and control

The self-developed RFID "fixed distance" technology is used to achieve constant reading and writing. The car owner does not need to manually swipe the card. The system automatically senses the electric vehicle information. During the validity period, the electric vehicle can be freely entered and exited without swiping the card. Multiple channels are recognized in parallel, and adjacent channels do not interfere. When the reading head reads and writes the card, its effective distance is constant and will not be affected by external factors such as weather, sunlight, moisture, temperature, etc. Each electric vehicle is equipped with an RFID electronic tag, which can write the owner's information. When the electric vehicle drives to the doorway, the system automatically senses the RFID electronic tag information at about 1-5 meters (the distance can be set) and automatically opens the gate to let the vehicle pass. The gate will not open.

The electric bicycle management solution based on RFID technology installs an RFID electronic tag chip in the license plate issued by the electric bicycle, and issues a unique "ID card" to each electric bicycle, implementing real-name electric vehicle management to ensure a One license plate and one license plate for the car. The basic vehicle information and owner of each electric bicycle are registered in the management system; at the same time, RFID fixed or mobile base stations are set up at fixed traffic posts, dense traffic sections, and commercial street areas with complex people to read, write and Identify RFID electronic chips to realize automatic identification, location tracking and anti-theft management of electric bicycles.

The electric vehicle management system is combined with RFID technology. RFID technology has many characteristics such as fast speed, accurate data, non-contact, and is not affected by the environment and is widely used in various scenarios. RFID technology automatically identifies each electric bicycle, identifies and verifies the identity of the owner, and can also count the number of electric bicycles in each community, manage electric bicycles in the community more intelligently and effectively, and prevent theft and other situations.

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