RFID mine vehicle identification collection

November 18, 2023

RFID mine vehicle identification collection

Due to the harsh environment of the mining area, it is difficult for staff to register and record vehicles outdoors for a long time, so intelligent information collection of vehicle information is extremely important. How to implement automatic registration and entry management for mining vehicle entry and exit? RFID technology has become an important means. An RFID reading and writing device is installed at each entrance and exit of the transportation starting point and end point. RFID electronic tags are installed on the vehicles to quickly record the entry and exit status of the vehicles through the entrance and exit. RFID mine vehicle intelligent identification and collection.

Currently, in some coal mines or mining enterprises, there are many engineering vehicles responsible for pulling sand, soil, and coal. These vehicles work 24 hours a day. Not only do they work long hours, but there are also many vehicles, one after another, and they enter the mine as transport vehicles. Billing is based on the number of visits. The traditional billing method relies on manual registration. Manual registration is error-prone, has low registration efficiency, and can cause congestion when vehicles are busy. The environment in the mining area is harsh and it is difficult for staff to register vehicles outdoors for a long time. The mine vehicle entry and exit management system uses intelligent hardware to automatically register entry and exit, effectively reducing management troubles. By installing RFID reading and writing equipment at the entrance and exit to audit and confirm the entrance and exit, automatic, fast, and long-distance identification can greatly improve the safety of coal transportation and enable file preparation and query.

The mining vehicle intelligent management system is designed with a three-layer architecture:

The first level: data collection, which mainly collects data information through RFID automatic identification equipment and camera systems to monitor transport vehicles in real time.

The second layer is network transmission, that is, through wired communication technology, wireless communication technology and network technology, the collected data is transferred to the central database; including related network equipment.

The third layer is data application processing, which manages the collected data; it includes mining vehicle intelligent management systems, database servers, network servers and other equipment.

The coal yard automatic metering system is aimed at the fully automated (without human intervention) collection of automatic metering, weighing and return (empty truck) data using cars as a means of transportation, ensuring the accuracy of original data collection. By realizing automatic metering, the operating time of each operation link can be greatly shortened, the loading and unloading capacity of the metering system can be improved, and the working environment of metering personnel and car drivers can also be improved, and labor intensity can be reduced.

By equipping each transport vehicle with an anti-tamper RFID electronic tag, the vehicle's "electronic ID card" information is bound. The RFID electronic tag is globally unique, non-replicable and non-detachable. RFID technology has greatly improved the safety and scalability of the mine, reduced and eliminated the error rate of manual recording and statistics, greatly optimized the management process and improved work efficiency; it can also conduct real-time global monitoring of mining transport vehicles inside and outside the site. Status and coal yard dynamic information.

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