Office fixed assets can be easily inventoried using RFID technology

November 04, 2023

Office fixed assets have become an important part of the enterprise and require full life cycle management. The easy-to-use fixed asset management system based on RFID technology has been widely used in various industries. It binds the identity information of different types of assets through RFID electronic tags to realize the full life cycle of office assets from warehousing, maintenance, inventory, allocation, and scrapping. Process management, real-time monitoring and management of the company's important assets, so that the accounts are consistent while greatly improving the efficiency of asset inventory. Office fixed assets can be easily inventoryed using RFID technology.

By adding RFID electronic tags to the unit's fixed assets for information entry, and installing RFID reading and writing equipment at the entrances and exits and inside the unit, the data is collected and uploaded to the real-time asset monitoring platform of the data center to achieve comprehensive visibility of assets and real-time updating of information, enabling real-time monitoring. The use and flow of assets are embodied in real-time query of equipment location, equipment movement tracking records, alarms, equipment management statistical reports and other management objectives, and a set of advanced, standardized and optimized management mechanisms are established.

RFID technology enables comprehensive visibility of corporate assets and real-time updates of information, allowing users to manage assets more precisely and enable them to monitor the use and flow of resources in real time to ensure that physical objects are consistent with books. The RFID asset management system ensures the best use and safe flow of tangible assets, and helps enterprises establish an advanced, standardized, and optimized management mechanism.

RFID office fixed assets management and control process:

Information Collection:

The staff assigns an RFID electronic tag to all designated assets, writes the asset information into the RFID electronic tag, and stores the information in the server through the corresponding software for identification purposes.

property assessment:

When staff take inventory of assets, they only need to hold a handheld reader to read the RFID electronic tag information on the assets. At the same time, the read information is transmitted to the server through the communication interface, and the server then processes the information through the application software. Carry out corresponding processing. If it is found that the scanned data conflicts with the existing data in the database, an alarm will be generated.

Asset movement:

Arrange an RFID reader at the entrance and exit. When assets are taken out of the building, the asset RFID management system will check the allocation record. If the assets are allocated without authorization, the alarm will prompt the administrator to verify. If the assets are allocated with authorization, the system will Automatically record travel times and quickly and easily count the number of assets. When staff want to take an asset out of the company, it needs to be inspected.

RFID technology has many characteristics such as long range, rapid identification, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation, easy expansion, and easy integration. It provides advanced, reliable, and applicable digital management for automatic identification and intelligent management of incoming and outgoing assets. RFID automatic collection and wireless communication methods achieve real-time consistency between asset change information and system information, allowing information management and control of the allocation and use of office assets, and strengthening the company's ability to dynamically manage internal assets in real time.

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