Application of RFID technology in event timing

November 04, 2023

With the continuous development of the sports industry, the scale of various events is getting larger and larger, and timing accuracy and efficiency have also become an important competitiveness. As an efficient and accurate automatic identification technology, RFID technology has been widely used in various event timing systems.

Before athletes compete, staff will wear RFID tags on the players' chests or arms, and each tag has a unique number. After the game starts, the players' results and ranking information will be recorded and transmitted to the timing system in real time through the RFID reader. After the game, all players' performance data can be queried and counted in the timing system.

In addition to recording player results, RFID technology can also be used in many event management tasks. For example, in large marathons, RFID tags can be used for players' identity verification, supply collection, and award ceremonies. In football matches, RFID technology can be used for player identity verification, goal determination, referee work assistance, etc.

The following uses the NBA game timing system as an example to introduce the application of RFID technology in event timing. NBA games use an RFID timing system to achieve real-time tracking of players, balls, and referees. This system consists of RFID readers and hundreds of RFID antennas, which can capture the player's position and movement trajectory, the ball's position and trajectory and game progress.

Before the game starts, each player will wear a bracelet equipped with an RFID chip, each ball will be embedded with an RFID tag, and the referee will also wear an RFID tag. During the game, the RFID reader will continuously receive and process signals from RFID tags, and at the same time upload the position information of players, balls, and referees to the computer system for processing, in order to calculate game results and statistics of player performance in real time. wait.

Through RFID technology, the NBA game timing system achieves efficient and accurate game timing and real-time tracking of players and balls, providing viewers with a richer and more exciting game experience, and also providing athletes and coaches with more detailed and comprehensive game data. Analysis and training guidance.

In general, the application of RFID technology in event timing has become a trend. It can not only improve the accuracy and efficiency of timing, but also provide more data and materials for subsequent sorting and publishing. It is believed that RFID technology will be more widely used in future event timing.

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