Application of RFID-based Logistics and Warehouse Management of Chinese Medicinal Materials

At present, China's traditional Chinese herbal medicines are mostly used in the traditional form of logistics management, centralised management efforts, controllable management efforts are low. Chinese herbal medicine logistics warehousing on the environment of the temperature and humidity requirements are high, temperature and humidity is too high or too low will affect the effectiveness of the drug. However, at present, there is a lack of domestic logistics and warehousing management system specifically for the packaging of Chinese herbal medicines, and the current situation of logistics and warehousing management is time-consuming and laborious, low accuracy, and business flow. The current situation of logistics and warehousing management has the problems of time-consuming and costly in and out of the warehouse, low accuracy, cumbersome business processes, large investment in human resources, and temperature and humidity detection still stays in the stage of manual recording, and so on. Therefore, how to realise the information management of logistics and warehousing of Chinese herbal medicines is the key to improve the efficiency of logistics and warehousing of Chinese herbal medicines. In this paper, through the study of Chinese herbal medicines in the logistics and warehousing links in the weak point, the design of Chinese herbal medicines logistics and warehousing intelligent management system, the integrated use of GPS, RFID technology, temperature and humidity and Internet of things and other technologies, in order to achieve the collection, traceability and management of information in the process of logistics and warehousing of Chinese herbal medicine products.

Warehouse management system based on RFID technology, RFID tags as the information carrier, handheld readers or fixed readers as the collection equipment, to complete the warehouse management work. The whole process includes warehouse management, inventory management, order management, personnel management and so on. The use of RFID can make warehouse management more scientific and improve management efficiency. The whole system architecture mainly includes infrastructure layer, application service layer, interface access layer and terminal display layer, infrastructure layer mainly provides hardware resources to ensure the normal operation of the system. The application service layer provides business communication, management and other functions to facilitate the deployment and management of the system. The interface access layer contains the entrance logic of each service, and each service can be accessed through HTTP, Socket, Web service, and so on. The terminal display layer provides different display interfaces for different terminal devices, which is convenient for users to operate and manage the system.

The system designed in this paper consists of hardware system and software system. The hardware system includes RFID system and data acquisition system, RFID system is mainly responsible for the goods in and out of the warehouse and transport, the data acquisition system combined with various types of sensors, such as temperature and humidity, oxygen, etc., to carry out real-time detection of the environmental information of the goods.

The use of RFID technology to achieve automated information management of traditional Chinese medicine warehousing, sharing of information resources between logistics companies, can effectively improve the efficiency of logistics warehousing.

To effectively improve the efficiency of logistics and warehousing. Using the information traceability system to share relevant information, it is easier to grasp the key points of the processing and packaging information of Chinese herbal medicines, to understand the special properties of the goods, and to effectively avoid the safety problems caused by improper operation.

The hardware and software modules are divided into RFID module, information collection and system server module, and each module contains several sub-functions respectively.

RFID module is mainly for RFID handheld reader to manage the basic information of Chinese herbal medicines, the status of Chinese herbal medicines outgoing and incoming and inventory management. The information collection module relies on all kinds of sensors to collect the environmental information of Chinese herbal medicines and provides users with the whole process of information enquiry and traceability of Chinese herbal medicines from storage management to transport and sales to the destination of goods, including the information of goods in and out of storage, transit information, location information, temperature and humidity and GPS, etc. The service side of the system is only open to administrators. The server side of the system is only open to administrators. The administrator can view, add, delete, change and check the user information, basic information of Chinese herbal medicines, order situation, personnel information and environment information through the system.

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