RFID in Petrochemical Enterprise Hazardous Waste In-plant Risk Control Technology and Application

Radio Frequency Identification (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID), also known as electronic tags, can be non-contact data communication between the reader and the tag to achieve the purpose of identifying the target.

Due to the light weight of the tag, can be marked, easy to deploy and other characteristics, has become one of the core technologies in the field of Internet of Things, widely used in warehousing and logistics, visual identification, urban waste management and even mine accident early warning and other fields. RFID technology applied in the field of hazardous waste management can fundamentally solve the problem of unclear quantity and unknown risk of hazardous waste due to poor information transmission, especially

With the antenna and intelligent weighbridge at the entrance of the hazardous waste warehouse [20], it can realize the real-time alarm and automatic update of the background data, which reduces the requirement of the professional ability of the warehouse keeper.

Build hazardous waste intelligent control platform hazardous waste intelligent control platform involves digital signal processing (DSP) technology, video identification technology and RFID technology. DSP processor through the hazardous waste packaging on the electronic tags, storage temperature and humidity meters and various types of on-site alarms to collect information, through the analog-to-digital converter to complete signal processing, and then through the preset algorithms (compared with the safe storage rules) to carry out the quantitative risk calculations, and the output results through the digital-to-analog converter converted to the central control of the large screen display information. RFID application is mainly based on convolutional neural network deep learning methods, the use of explosion-proof cloud camera and built-in video recognition algorithm model of the mobile analysis box, to achieve part of the visualization of the risk of pre-judgment and alarm. RFID technology is mainly used for information transfer, can realize the corrosive environment of hazardous waste "one package, one code".

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