RFID Tag Antenna Industry Overview

October 23, 2023

RFID antennas include tag antennas and reader-writer antennas. Reader-writer antennas are common with antennas of other types of wireless radio frequency technologies (Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.) and have no special characteristics. In addition, the quantity is relatively small, so they are not included in this survey. Within the scope of discussion, RFID tag antennas are quite different and large in quantity compared with other wireless technologies. Therefore, in this chapter we focus on RFID tag antennas.


In RFID passive IoT systems, tag antennas play an important role, because in other technologies such as WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G, etc., the antenna only plays the role of sending and receiving signals, while in RFID passive IoT products In , the function of the antenna is not only to send and receive signals, but also to obtain energy. Because of the different frequency bands, low frequency (125KHz-134KHz), high frequency (13.56MHz), ultra-high frequency (860MHz-960MHz), the styles of tag antennas are different. Because the frequency band of low-frequency RFID is very low, and the working principle uses inductive coupling, the antenna is coil-type, and the coil has a large number of turns.

The process is generally winding. The working principle of the high-frequency RFID band is also inductive coupling, and the antenna is also a coil type. However, because the frequency is much higher than that of the low frequency, the number of turns of the high-frequency antenna is relatively small

In addition, the high-frequency antenna also needs to consider the requirements for crossing the bridge. Therefore, the production process of high-frequency RFID antenna is much more complicated than that of ultra-high frequency RFID. Most HF RFID antennas use etching technology, and a few use coil winding technology. Coil antenna UHF RFID antennas generally use dipole antennas. The UHF RFID frequency band is 860Mhz-960Mhz, the wavelength is about 30cm, and the half-wavelength is about 15cm, which is not very long. Therefore, the UHF RFID tag antenna is suitable for half-wavelength antennas. Wavelength dipole antenna.

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