Do you know what other niche applications there are for low-frequency RFID?

October 23, 2023

In addition to the main application areas such as access control/animal management, low-frequency RFID also has some other application areas, including medical, underground tags, industrial fields, etc.

The medical field is mainly medical cards. Although this market has shrunk very sharply in recent years, it is still stable in the millions every year.


Underground tags are another bright spot on the market in the past few years. They solve the market need of being buried along with cables in underground power pipelines.

Underground, to facilitate subsequent construction, the location of the cable can be accurately found to avoid faults caused by construction.

This market is mainly the demand of the State Grid. Although the annual shipment volume of underground tags is not large, only about one million, such tags need to have a high level of protection.

and excellent RF performance, resulting in a higher price per tag.

Industrial applications are also a relatively concentrated area of low-frequency RFID applications. A typical scenario is AGV cars. In addition, another typical application field of industrial applications is

The scene is the work station label of the factory building, as well as factory inspection and identity authentication, because stable and reliable products are needed in the factory environment, and some factory environments also face

Metal, obstruction, etc. interfere with the environment, so low-frequency RFID also has a certain market in this field.

In addition, wafer production plants in the semiconductor industry are also one of the applicable scenarios for low-frequency RFID. Because the wafer production environment has relatively high electromagnetic requirements, low-frequency RFID circuits

The magnetic interference is very small and it is more suitable.

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