Why is there huge development potential in the low-frequency RFID market?

October 20, 2023

The animal field is currently the market with the most applications of low-frequency RFID. Typical animal tag application scenarios include the management of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and other livestock. The products for livestock management are in the form of ear tags or glass tube injection tags; in addition, there are For the management of pets such as cats and dogs, the main product form of pet management is glass tube injection labels; in addition, there is also the management of some poultry, such as pigeons, chickens and ducks, etc. The main product form of poultry management is ankle rings.

livestock management

China has a huge population, and consumes a huge number of pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock every year. Pork, in particular, is the most important daily meat for the people. It is understood that the Chinese currently eat 700 million pigs every year. The numbers are even greater. RFID tags on pigs are mainly in the form of ear tags. If all RFID ear tags are installed, theoretically, the market will consume hundreds of millions of tags every year. However, in fact, domestic pig factories do not use pig ear tags very much. Many, only a small number of leading companies are making attempts in this area, and the current penetration is very low.

According to public information on the Internet, the number of cattle farmed in China is about 60 million, and according to information from the China Business Intelligence Network, China's current annual stock of mutton sheep is about 300 million. In terms of quantity, the number of cattle and sheep is not as large as that of pigs, but more labels are used in the cattle market, because the breeding of cattle and sheep is supported by policies. Some areas in China have launched insurance policies for cattle and sheep, that is, in the body of cattle and sheep Injection glass tube tags, if insured cattle and sheep die due to disease, farmers can receive certain insurance compensation, and insurance companies use RFID tags to confirm whether the dead cattle or sheep were insured.

pet management

As early as 2008, Beijing proposed the implementation of dog microchips; from 2017 to 2019, cities such as Suzhou, Ma'anshan, Baotou, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen successively introduced and registered microchips for dogs.

Regulations related to microchipping of dogs. The so-called dog chip means that pet owners inject their dogs with a glass tube containing a low-frequency RFID chip while registering the dog tag. Facing the increasingly large pet market, low-frequency RFID, as the best pet management method at present, will usher in new growth points. At present, the annual consumption of pet RFID tags is about tens of millions, which is an area that has grown rapidly in recent years.

Management of scientific research experiments

In scientific research experiments, especially in the biopharmaceutical industry, a large number of white mice are used for experiments, and a small number of monkeys are also used for experiments. Mice are standard equipment for biological experiments. It is understood that in the United States alone, about 20 million laboratory mice are consumed every year, while globally, the number of mice used every year is about 50-60 million.

Mice have strong management needs. Enterprises and scientific research institutions need to number and manage mice. In addition, they also need to monitor their vital signs. In recent years, the use of low-frequency RFID tags + temperature sensor products in this field is increasing rapidly. At present, There are millions of shipments every year. As the industry matures, it will gradually become the industry standard.

poultry management

The main management of poultry is pigeon anklets. It is understood that racing pigeons are an increasingly popular project, and the management of racing pigeons is basically through RFID tags. It is understood that this scenario consumes approximately a few million tags every year. In addition, some poultry such as chickens, ducks and geese also use foot rings for management. Animal management is currently the application field with the largest shipments of low-frequency RFID. The total number of low-frequency RFID tags used in the world every year is about 1 billion, of which about 60% are used in animal management, and it is expected that the annual number will increase in the future. Increase.

However, tag performance requirements for animal management are relatively high, and the main application markets are concentrated overseas. Therefore, the main suppliers of low-frequency animal tags are mostly overseas manufacturers.

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