LF RFID Latest Trend Summary

October 16, 2023

In this survey, we integrated the information of the major players in the market, from the shipment volume, the quantity and corresponding prices of various products, and combined with the growth trend,

The entire low-frequency RFID market value is evaluated and forecasted.

The data shows:

1. Although the number of low-frequency RFID tags is relatively small, the final market output value generated by a single tag is the highest among several frequency bands. The main reason is that low-frequency tags become

The cost is relatively high, and the unit price is also relatively high. Especially in special markets such as animal tags with sensors and underground tags, the prices are very expensive and the prices are relatively stable.

2. Low-frequency RFID reader equipment and system software are no more expensive than those in other frequency bands.

3. The price of many low-frequency RFID products to end users will be higher. This report counts the output value of product solution providers.

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D LF RFID Latest Trend Summary

Trend 1: The industry is stable, there are few players, and the competition is not fierce.

After long-term integration of the supply and demand market, low-frequency RFID has become very stable on the supply side and the demand side. There are also fewer players. It is a fully competitive market and the industry's leading

Gross profit can be maintained at a good level.

Trend 2: The low-frequency card market will have a more obvious downward trend

The low-frequency card market includes access control cards, hospital diagnosis and treatment cards, consumer membership cards, etc. In the domestic market, card products have been largely replaced by other technologies, while in foreign markets,

Although card products are relatively stable, HF cards are gradually replacing LF cards.

Trend 3: The animal market is the most important and largest incremental market for low-frequency RFID

At present, animal management is the main application market of LF RFID, accounting for more than 60%, because in the animal field, LF RFID has infinite advantages compared with other technologies.

With the advantages of method replacement, such as resistance to liquid interference, with the gradual development of the smart agriculture industry, LF RFID has been widely used in animal management (including animal husbandry, cats and dogs pets, experimental mice,

The application of poultry, etc.) is gradually increasing and has become the most important incremental market in this field.

Trend 4: Projects are fragmented and the industry is highly customized

Low-frequency RFID projects are not as standard as UHF and are highly customized, so players in the industry are gradually developing from single products to solutions. There are many companies

Often taking into account high-frequency RFID, ultra-high frequency RFID, and even other businesses, this is also in line with the current industry situation where the low-frequency RFID market is relatively small and has serious customization.

status related.

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