Smart cabinet - the most common RFID application around you

RFID smart cabinet refers to a reader-writer in the form of a cabinet, which is a type of fixed reader-writer. Because in recent years, a number of RFID smart cabinet players have emerged on the market. This type of product is also an industry a new growth point


In terms of technology types, RFID smart cabinets mainly include two frequency bands: UHF and HF. Many smart cabinets will integrate UHF and HF capabilities. This report mainly focuses on UHF cabinets.


HF smart cabinets have been commercialized earlier, especially in the field of books and archives, and are widely used. However, in recent years, UHF smart cabinets are increasing rapidly. At present, the proportion of UHF and HF cabinet products is relatively close.


In recent years, RFID smart cabinets have been a bright spot in the industry. There are two main reasons. The first aspect is that the market for smart cabinets is growing rapidly, including medical, library and archives, finance, industry and other fields. For RFID smart cabinets, The demand is growing rapidly. The second aspect is that the price of smart cabinets is high and the profits are relatively good.


A simple understanding of a smart cabinet is a product that combines a traditional cabinet with an RFID reader. Therefore, manufacturers of smart cabinets need to have two parts. One is the sheet metal part.It is usually outsourced, but some manufacturers do it themselves; the other part is the RFID reader part, which is the RFID manufacturer's own advantage.

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