UHF RFID reader market segment analysis

September 28, 2023

UHF RFID reader terminals come in various forms. Depending on the application scenarios, the final terminal forms are different. In the industry, readers are generally classified based on whether they are in a fixed position or can be moved when used. They are divided into two categories: Fixed readers and Mobile readers.


In this survey, based on market popularity, we selected large-volume and relatively high-priced products such as printers, smart cabinets, and channel reader from fixed readers for separate analysis.   

The specific categories are:

• Handheld devices (Including other portable reader/writer devices). Among this type of products, the most important form is handheld devices. In addition, there are also some tablets and wearable products.  When applied to the market, they are all classified into the same category.

• Printer is a common form of RFID fixed reader and writer. It is mostly used for printing white label cards. Or the application terminal performs a small amount of re-labeling due to label loss.

Or scenarios such as logistics, finance, electricity, and medical care where the number of tags is relatively small and the degree of customization is high.

• Channel reader is a form of fixed reader that uses bayonet ports for warehouse entry and exit management and asset management.

• Smart cabinet is a recently developed fixed reader-writer product, mostly used for asset management.

• Other fixed reader/writer equipment:Excluding fixed reader/writer products other than smart cabinets, printers, and channel readers, including all-in-one machines, card issuers, and gateways

Readers and writers, desktop readers and writers, cashier equipment, testing equipment, experimental equipment, etc.

• Discrete device readers and writers refer to UHF RFID readers and writers built with discrete devices.   They do not use standard chips. In some scenarios, such products can customized according to user needs. Especially recently, some large projects on the market have adopted this type of products,The products are available in various forms, both fixed and removable.


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