Is the combination of sensors and RFID the next springtime for technology?

September 01, 2023

A single RFID tag function is very simple, mainly simple ID information, plus some simple state data, and these data need to be written in advance, so RFID is also a passive perception technology, that there is no possibility of passive RFID tags and sensors combined, so that both the use of RFID passive and low-cost advantages, but also to play the sensor active perception of the surrounding environment Information characteristics of the sensor, the answer is yes, that is, sensor tags.

Sensor tags are generally RFID + temperature sensors, RFID + humidity sensors, RFID + pressure sensors and other common low-power sensors.

If the sensor's working environment in the wireless signal transmission is good, you can RFID chip and the sensor into an IC; if the sensor works in the location of the wireless signal is poor, you can separate the sensor and the RFID chip, through a wire connected to the RFID antenna placed in the wireless signal is good in order to obtain the energy of the environment.

Market Summary

1 According to our research information, the current sensor tags are mainly focused on temperature sensors + RFID products, at the technical level, temperature sensors can be in the IC level can show good temperature sensitivity, suitable for use with RFID combination; at the market level, the temperature sensor volume, the current market use of temperature sensors more than 2 billion per year, and application scenarios are very wide, so the temperature sensor with RFID. So combining temperature sensors with RFID is the mainstream of the current market, but industry players are also combining RFID with humidity sensors, pressure sensors, vibration sensors, displacement sensors, etc., and there will be more products in the market in the future.

2 At present, the market shipments of "RFID + sensor" products is not large, but in recent years, the market growth rate is accelerating.

3 with RFID tags, the need for sensors to work with very low power consumption, because the UHF RFID tag antenna can only collect a small amount of power, most of the sensors on the market do not apply to passive mode.

4 "RFID + sensor" tags are currently mainly applied to some of the special needs of the scene, such as the power industry substations have a very high voltage, does not apply to the installation of battery equipment, bearings, hydroelectric generators and other high-speed operation of the scene, but also does not apply to the installation of batteries and so on. These very vertical scenarios for the monitoring of temperature has a strong demand, but the existing programme is difficult to meet, is the RFID temperature sensor products, in addition, in the cold chain transport industry, the need for real-time monitoring of the temperature status of the transported items (such as vaccines), but also more applications.

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