Application of RFID in automatic inventory of surgical instruments

August 01, 2023

In the operating room, different surgical teams perform different types of operations at the same time, and each operation requires a complete set of fully sterilized surgical instruments. And before each operation, all

Surgical kits are assembled by the hospital's disinfection supply center and matched with patients. In addition, before and after the operation, the instrument nurse will perform an inventory of surgical instruments to ensure that the physician has all the required instruments before starting the operation, and at the same time confirm that no instruments are lost or left in the patient after the operation. The above inventory work is manually checked by the equipment nurses in the operating room, which has the following disadvantages:

On the one hand, due to the large number and variety of instruments, there is a risk of human error; on the other hand, there are many problems such as inaccurate list of instruments, unfamiliarity of medical staff with surgical instruments, temporary special operations in the operating room, and unconventional instruments. Several factors may affect the accuracy of device records. In addition, to check whether there is wear or loss of more sophisticated surgical instrument components, it is usually checked by the instrument nurse with the naked eye before the operation, so some wear and tear is difficult to be discovered in time, which may easily lead to adverse events in the operating room.

Technology, by using induction, electromagnetic field or electromagnetic wave as the means of transmission, non-contact two-way communication can be completed to obtain relevant data. In recent years, the application of this technology in the medical industry has been a hot spot of clinical attention. Operating room equipment is the top priority of hospital material management, and the promotion and use of communication technology in this field has achieved remarkable results. Based on the status quo of instrument management in the operating room of our hospital, we use ultra-high frequency electronic RFID technology to establish information interconnection between the operating room and the disinfection supply center, and use the automatic identification, reading and writing functions of RFID technology to study the intermediate conditions of RFID reading and writing. Explore customized labels suitable for use in special medical environments and surgical instruments to achieve automatic verification of standardized surgical instrument lists and full-process supervision of instrument use.

As far as surgical instruments are concerned, the existing mode is to paste the printed label on the sterilized instrument package, and realize the traceability of the sterilized instrument package through scanning.

The handheld PDA reader is a multi-antenna radio frequency reader, which can realize multi-product identification in a short time. The PDA operation module is mainly composed of three parts: (1) Establish a database of surgical instruments through "account management", write in relevant data of the instruments, and bind them with RFID tags, and perform operations of adding new instruments and reporting damage in the database in real time; (2) Record and save the real-time status, inventory records, quality inspection results, cleaning records, and disinfection records of surgical instruments through "device management"; (3) Access the system through "query" to query product information of surgical instruments, Retrace its historical use and disinfection and cleaning records and other information.

Through the development and integration of the UHF electronic RFID system, the hospital has

Effectively solve the problems existing in the use of surgical instruments at the present stage

Inventory, record, follow-up repair, loss reporting and other links; while reducing the pressure on medical staff to take inventory of instruments, it greatly improves work efficiency and quality, thereby improving the management efficiency and accuracy of surgical instruments. Realized the paperless management of operating room instruments.

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