Application of RFID technology in chemical harmful gas safety automatic warning.

July 19, 2023

The main function of chemical harmful gas safety automatic early warning system is to automatically detect harmful gases in chemical plants, and send emergency signals in time when the concentration of harmful gases exceeds the standard, and ensure the safety of personnel and facilities in chemical plants through early warning.

Paste RFID electronic tags on the harmful gas detection sensor; detect gas information such as the concentration of harmful gas in the chemical plant through the harmful gas detection sensor; the RFID read-write module uses RFID technology to identify the harmful gas detection information in the sensor and transmit it in a non-contact mode to the network layer.

RFID read and write module

(1) Electronic tags. Electronic tags are RFID data carriers.

The large-scale integrated circuit chip composed of coupling elements and chips has different electronic codes for each label. It is marked by pasting on the sensor to obtain the detection data of harmful gases. The advantage of the electronic tag is that it adopts a non-contact mode, has no label wear problem, has a long service life and a fast reading speed, and can still be used even in harsh environments.

(2) Reader. The reader is used to read or write electronic tag information, and the system selects a handheld reader, which is convenient for reading harmful gas detection data at any time.

(3) Antenna. The antenna is used to transmit the radio frequency signal between the electronic tag and the reader.

The wireless communication module is the main channel for the transmission of harmful gas detection data at each layer in the early warning system.

Through the wireless communication module in the network layer.

By designing an automatic chemical early warning system for harmful gas safety based on RFID technology, the automatic monitoring and early warning of harmful gas safety in chemical plants is realized. When the concentration of harmful gas exceeds the preset threshold, the system automatically activates the early warning function, and the staff checks the warning location through SMS reminders, LED sound and light integrated alarm lights or the system interface, and goes to the scene for emergency treatment in time to avoid excessive harmful gas. accidents to ensure safe production in chemical plants.

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