How to install Application of RFID in Tunnel Personnel Positioning? | SPEEDWORK

July 20, 2023

Improving the ability of project managers to perceive the safety situation of construction site personnel and the ability of all-round rapid response is directly related to the quality and efficiency of project safety management, and has always been the core of project safety management. Especially in the construction activities of hydropower projects located in high mountains and valleys, the geological conditions of the underground caverns are variable, the excavation scale is large, the spatial distribution is complex, the tunnels are three-dimensional intersections, and the mobility of tunnel construction personnel is high, and the safety risks are prominent. Personnel safety management Faced with many challenges. Therefore, the key to realizing intelligent and fine-grained management and control in the complex scene of tunnel engineering lies in the real-time positioning of the operator's position and the accurate control of the movement trajectory.

In the future, the safe construction of tunnel engineering will move towards the direction of intelligence, integration, and informationization. The advantages of RFID technology in underground space positioning can well solve the problem of personnel safety management. For this reason, based on RFID technology, personnel identity information is bound to electronic tags, and a tunnel personnel positioning system is developed to realize real-time positioning of construction personnel in the tunnel. Through the system, management personnel can grasp the distribution status and movement track of construction personnel on site in real time, which improves the effectiveness and scientificity of scheduling management. When encountering an emergency, the position of the trapped person can be accurately located, and the efficiency of emergency rescue and safety rescue can be improved. The system has been successfully applied to the tunnel construction of the Hard Liangbao Hydropower Station, providing experience and reference for the safety management of construction site personnel.

RFID positioning technology

It adopts a non-contact working mode to realize automatic identification of objects to be identified, and is suitable for working in various harsh environments.

The RFID system is mainly composed of a reader and a transponder (label), and the RFID label includes an electronic chip and a receiving antenna.

Personnel intelligent positioning management system. The personnel intelligent positioning system mainly realizes functions such as personnel checking, construction positioning, system early warning, historical track storage and release, and report management.

Label inspection APP. Tag inspection is also an auxiliary application for personnel positioning of the Hard Liangbao Hydropower Station. Mainly cooperate with the management personnel to manage the personnel area on site.

Device inspection APP. The equipment inspection APP is mainly for the maintenance and management of on-site positioning equipment. Feedback equipment maintenance information in a timely manner. In view of the network conditions of the construction environment, ensure that there is no network

Data caching under certain conditions, and data reporting at the first time when connected to the network.

The tunnel personnel positioning system uses cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other information technology methods, combined with the current situation of tunnel construction and personnel positioning requirements, to meet the needs of construction management.

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