RFID Shared Motorcycle Identification And Parking Solution

Shared electric vehicles are developed under the technology of the Internet of Things and the environment of sharing economy. With the wide application of intelligent terminal technology, it has gradually matured, combining the advantages of light weight of bicycles with the advantages of electric vehicles, which are labor-saving and long-lasting. While satisfying people's freedom of travel, it makes long-distance travel more time-saving and labor-saving. While sharing electric vehicles provides convenience, it also brings problems such as electric vehicle parking management, which plagues city managers and electric vehicle operation and maintenance personnel. How to effectively solve the problem of shared motorcycle parking has become the top priority.


In order to regulate the parking of shared electric vehicles, strengthen the supervision and management of shared electric vehicles, reduce the management cost of operation and maintenance enterprises, promote the orderly parking of shared electric bicycles, and avoid problems caused by disorderly parking of vehicles. To this end, the management scheme of RFID radio frequency identification technology adopted by Jietong Technology can effectively solve problems such as electric vehicle parking management.

With the great changes in people's travel modes, from shared bicycles to shared electric vehicles have been launched in many cities. While shared electric bicycles bring convenience to users, arbitrary parking has become a problem for relevant management units. The parking of shared motorcycles blocks normal human-shaped passages, causing some safety hazards, increasing the labor of operation and maintenance management personnel, and also increasing operating costs.

The technology of "RFID identification of fixed parking" has been implemented and promoted in various cities, which can reasonably prevent electric bicycles from being parked and piled up in disorder, so that customers who ride bicycles can return their bicycles in an orderly and orderly manner, which helps to reduce the management of the company. cost, and enhance the overall brand image of urban public transportation in big cities. RFID shared electric vehicle identification stationary project parking can facilitate traffic control in large cities.

There are several common ways to park motorcycles on the market:

Bluetooth road stud solution: The product solution has high cost, high maintenance cost, and the positioning accuracy is easily disturbed by the external environment.
GPS solution: The positioning accuracy is 2-3 meters, but the shade or Buildings will block the signal, resulting in poor user experience.
UHF 900MHz positioning: The reading distance is long, but the cost is relatively high, and it has been implemented.
High-frequency positioning: The reading distance is short, the cost is lower, in some scenarios is implementing

According to customer demand and market research, many companies are also trying to use the 13.56MHz NFC technology solution because of its outstanding advantages in performance, cost and security. However, the NFC solution design can recognize the distance of 10cm~20cm, which is relatively close, which cannot meet some urban scenes, and it is easy to cause signal attenuation in complex environments, which cannot meet the recognition distance requirements of shared motorcycle customers > 25cm. At present, ultra-high frequency The technology has made breakthroughs to meet the distance problem and implement the precise parking of shared motorcycles.

In the parking area, the parking line with the RFID identification mark is preset, and the identification mark installed under the vehicle pedal is accurately identified when parking to ensure accurate parking. Through the angle installed in the vehicle by the central control, and the parking angle preset in the background, it is ensured that the vehicle is always parked perpendicular to the road in different scenarios. Through the use of RFID identification and fixed parking technology, the shared electric vehicles can be parked in an orderly manner, and the phenomenon of random parking of electric bicycles can be reasonably prevented.

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